For my last birthday (September 11th) I bought myself a ring at Of/Berlin in Kreuzberg. At that time I was already wearing a ring and of course, to try the new one on – I had to take off my “old” one.

Ring ding-a-ding

I was over the moon with my new one and couldn’t stop looking at it. Back home, I suddenly wondered where I had put my other ring? A week after I messaged Of/Berlin and asked them if I accidentally left my ring at their store? Indeed, I did. Of course, I said that I would come pick it up as soon as possible. But well, life happens while you are busy making other plans and I ultimately picked it up last Saturday. Which means my ring was there for almost a year. Yes, almost a year. Shameful, but true.


While I was looking at new designs (all brands are Berlin based), a little spray bottle by Our/Vodka caught my eye. Seriously, there are spray bottles with vodka now? You can throw it in your bag and walk around spraying vodka in your mouth? Oh my god, no!

Well yes, and it worked (of course, we took a little spray), but it’s a promo-product – which is meant to promote a new product by Our/Vodka:

I love it! This “vodka tea infusion kit” is a collaboration between P&T (Paper & Tea) and Our/Vodka. I haven’t tried it yet, because I didn’t feel like buying this for myself. With €20,00 it’s very reasonable for a great designer gift. I love this design, and tea and vodka are a very tasteful combination. I am a huge fan of minimalism, so even if the bottle is empty, I would use it as decoration and put flowers in there. Great!

So, I came into the store to pickup my ring and came out with a lot of inspiration.

Thank you so much, Kathrin and Of/Berlin – thank you for keeping one of my loves safe and sound for such a long time.

Having it back on my finger again I don’t understand how I have been able to live without it for so long. That sounds a tad dramatic, but its just a beautiful ring.

Of/Berlin and Our/Vodka, two brands to remember.


Have a great day!