and then I am not talking about this clip. Which makes me very happy btw, but it’s the first time I actually watch it.

This sticker is stuck to a trashcan at Forckenbeckplatz in Friedrichshain.

Or at least, that’s where I shot this picture, I’m guessing it’s on a lot more objects and places in Berlin.

When I think about it, it’s quite disturbing that I am actually snooping around on all kinds of objects to see what kind of stickers I can find (haha, some people have interesting hobbies). That’s the perk of having a dog, it changes my perspective and I see things that I normally wouldn’t notice :).

Once I get started, I can’t sit down

When I am doing what I love the most, I get into this flow and lose all track of time and place. I don’t even think about drinking and having lunch or dinner. That is until I suddenly realize I have been occupied for 4 hours and I should probably switch my activities to keep myself fresh and exciting (she’s FRESH, exciting…!)

Moral of this little story: find your passion, or get really good in what you are doing. Do what makes you happy!

It’s so fantastic to feel all pieces of your puzzle falling into place!

Come join the fun, it’s a marry-go-round!