Oehh, I want to take ya.



Come on pretty mama

Key Largo, Montego,
baby, why don’t we go..

The Beach Boys’ Kokomo (1989) immediately takes me back to the movie Cocktail, with Tom Cruise. That obviously has to do with the fact that Kokomo was chosen to be the soundtrack for the movie specifically. Even though, I think I knew the song before I ever saw the movie.

It must have been a long time ago that I heard Kokomo for the first time, but I was instantly hooked! When I was watching the movie, I had no idea that this song was part of it, until I heard the melody and my heart skipped a beat.

It’s the relaxed atmosphere, that developing love, that careless life on the beach. Just a lovely feeling.

Did you know that the island Kokomo isn’t actually real? Well, I had high hopes..

Not that I was planning on going there to drool all over The Beach Boys or something. I mean, they are not exactly boys anymore. I am everything but hot for them. Besides: I wouldn’t pay heavily for a concert where I only love four songs. Kokomo, Good Vibrations, God Only Knows and I get around.

Then again, these are songs that I can listen to all the time. Awesome!

Good Vibrations is a fantastic song to wake up to, by the way.

I must say, I was kind of surprised to read that The Beach Boys never had a number 1 hit between Good Vibrations (1966) and Kokomo (1988). This fact crowns them as the first band in the USA with the longest period between no. 1 hits. Surprising, and a little sad at the same time.

Then the beach were the video was shot.

That turns out to be the Grand Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World in Florida! The park wasn’t even open yet, so the band could just try it out. Including menu’s and drinks. Even the crowd at the beach was fake. Well, that’s mostly the case in video’s, but well. I guess, a Las Vegas’ cheer leading squad had the time of their life.

They had to be quick though. The shoot didn’t last for 2 hours, because of upcoming rain.

For those who know the video: I think everybody noticed quit a handsome guy. Tanned skin, good hair, highly recognizable. That, ladies and gentlemen, is John Stamos. Full House, Jessy, John Stamos. He seemed to be a regular extra.

After this little handsome surprise, I just fall into disbelieve again.

As this song is one of my all time favorites, I am shocked to read that the actual industry didn’t share my opinion.

Kokomo received a Golden Globe-nomination for Best Soundtrack in 1989, but at the same time ended up in the list of worst songs, curated by VH1. To put more fuel to the fire: Blender Magazine included Kokomo in the list of 50 worst songs of all time.

I guess it’s good thing that every person has a individual taste.


Ps: am I the only one who hears “drop of cocaine melting in your hand”?  – 0:40