Berlin meets Barcelona – SEEED! kommt nach Cruilla Barcelona 2020

Seeed, my favorite Berliner band seit ewig! Well, since the moment that I found out that a song that I really loved comes from one of their albums. I have discovered them in 2010, when I was in Leipzig quite frequently.

So, heute bin ich ziemlich gut drauf

Me and my friend were going out and I heard a song with a really good rhythm. I didn’t have a very modern phone and the place was too loud, so it took me some time to puzzle all the pieces together.

Years after I found out that it was Seeed’s “Hübsches Ding”. I literally sat down with the song and the lyrics and started reading. It’s a rap song, so it’s extremely fast, but I made it my goal to be able to sing-a-long. I would highly recommend music and lyrics to get to know a language. The song doesn’t have the best theme: it’s basically about a guy alone at a bar, who wants to forget about everything, gets drunk, slips his wedding ring off and wants to get into some other girls pants. That while his wife and children are home waiting for him. Leider nicht so schön, but to me, this is the first German song that made me fall in love with German rap/reggaeton.

I have already seen them live at the Lollapalooza festival in 2015 and it was freaking awesome! As soon as they played “Ding” I forgot about everything around me and danced and sang like there was no tomorrow.





SEEED – DING (1991)

‘Hübsches Ding”

A year after, I met one of my best friends in Berlin and it turned out that we share our love for Seeed. “Hübsches Ding” now is our song, we sing and we dance to it, forgetting the whole world – I love it!

Come to think of it, this is actually one of the best ways to learn a language. That is, if you are already interested in the language. Tonight I suddenly felt like hearing Seeed! again and was curious to know if their 2020 tour was already sold out (they are ALWAYS sold out).

My heart skipped 3 beats when I saw the first hit of my search: Seeed! at Cruilla 2020.


Cruilla is a huge festival in Barcelona – and tada, that’s where I live. On the 3rd of July Seeed will be in Parc el Forum and we are SO going there. Funny thing: my boyfriend already mentioned to get ticket to Cruilla 2020, but I wanted to wait until the line-up was being published. I really don’t care anymore who else is going to be there. “My” Seeed will be there, so I will be there.

Hach, Dickes B. Haste doch jute Mucke!

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