Bryan Adams is back: my top 5 favorite songs

So, tell me have you ever really, really really ever loved a woman?

A voice that I recognize immediately. Bryan Adams has such a distinctive, raw and warm sound! So, this morning while waking up and tuning into Release Radar, I was pleasantly surprised by his brand, new song “Please Stay”.

I hadn’t listened to his songs for so long and his voice brought up a feeling of nostalgia right away.

Since I was born in the 80’s, basically with a radio attached to my ear (hello Skyradio!) –  I am a big fan of his old repertoire.

Let’s hit my top 5

1 – Have you ever really loved a woman – 1996

To start off with the one that carries the most memories. Whenever I hear this song, my heart jumps from nostalgia, but makes me a little bit sad as well. Why? This song reminds me of my father. It was on the radio when we visited Efteling in the Netherlands in 1992. The Efteling Hotel had just been built and we (me and my parents) went there for a sleepover.

I remember driving our car through the gate while Have you ever really loved a woman played on the radio. I also remember hearing Vangelis’ Conquest of Paradise. So, when this guitar beat kicks in, I immediately go back in time. Even though it’s still a bit sad, it’s beautiful at the same time, that music can have such an impact.


2 – (Everything I do) I do it for you – 1991

Don’t tell me it’s not worth trying for? Was it the Robin Hood-soundtrack? Anyway, this was already one of my loves before I knew that it was part of a soundtrack. I just love this song: the lyrics are fantastic, so romantic and pure. Serious goose bumps (beware, you are in for a scare). Especially with that additional beat from 1:13 and that belt (3:20) in I can’t heeeeeeeeelp it, there’s nothing I want more.


This was the first time I heard this one LIVE and I seriously got goosebumps ALL over the place – it’s so fantastic. That audience going wild, perfect example of what music can do.

Take me as I am, take my life.

Well yes, I can write the whole lyrics down, but I guess you catch my drift.

3 – Please forgive me – 1993

It still feels like that first night together.

So if you’re feeling lonely, dooooooooon’t. You’re the only one I’ll ever want.


Please forgive me, I know not what I do – Please forgive, I can’t stop loving you.

No explanation necessary. This song hits me right in the heart (shot through the heart!)   such a a gorgeously beautiful song. Recognizable to everybody who’s in love or who has ever loved someone.

4 – Summer of ’69 – 1984

This is probably, by far, his most popular song ever.  For years I associated it with this typical repertoire of songs to close down a party (Proud Mary, Don’t stop believing, Paradise by the dashboard light). I didn’t really listened to the lyrics and as soon as I heard it, was like “ugh no, not this one”, but in all honesty: it’s just a kick ass song.


5 – When you’re gone (ft. Mel C) – 1998

Oh God yes, this one. This one must have been on one of my TMF Hitzones or something. I loved it and just found out that I still know the lyrics and instrument beats, HA. Some things never change.

An up-tempo song about breaking up, leaving the one you love and then realizing that you actually don’t want to be without each other.

That video clip – yes, back in the day I still watched video clips with songs! This is torture, this is pain – feels like I’m gonna gooooo insane. Oh yes, we have all been there, haven’t we?!

Back then, I was a real fan of these two as a team. What happened to Melanie C anyway?

Things just feel so wrong, baby when you’re gone!


To think I am not even a big fan of Bryan Adams – I am just a huge appreciator of good music!

Hopefully you enjoyed it as well, have a great day!

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