Take it everywhere I walk

Last Sunday, I drove to Charlottenburg, to take a look at a street art project at Wilmersdorfer Arcaden.

Since it’s not exactly around the corner from where I live, I normally would have figured out exactly where to bike to.

This time however, I decided to go with the flow. Drive from Friedrichshain to Bikini Berlin/Bahnhof Zoo(logischer Garten) and then I would know which route to take.

Arriving in Charlottenburg, I suddenly realized how captivating Kantstraße is. All of this gorgeous architecture on each side, Stilwerk, interesting little cafes, beautiful. I reached Savignyplatz and began to think how I would actually reach the Arcaden? Hmm. No idea, damn.

Instead of freaking out and immediately jump into navigation mode, something in my mind switched. I decided to just relax and take a street based on intuition. 2 minutes later I took a right into Bleibtreustraße and bumped into this shop (it’s Paper & Tea) – with this awesome quote.

This made me smile so wholeheartedly that I had to step off my bike and take this shot. Especially, with a mind that basically thinks in lyrics, I just couldn’t let this one slip.

Poster Paper and Tea, Berlin - MODESK.nl

In my state of captivation, I almost forgot why I biked to the other side of town in the first place. That whole street just gives off this fantastic, nostalgic vibe. A mix between modern stores like Paper & Tea, while at the end of the street, there is a jazz cafe that reminds me of the 50’s. I can totally see myself living there.

OK, I did have a goal – hop- en route, Wilmersdorfer Arcaden. Go!

Let’s just say that this quote alone, totally made my day. I realized that if I had acted the way I always do (jump into navigation/controlling mode), I would have never discovered this street and missed out on this amazing feeling.

This feeling being just getting lost somewhere while I can. I will definitely do that more often.

Oohhhooo I’m an alien, I am a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New York.

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