At first I was afraid, I was petrified..

You are probably familiar with situations that you actually don’t want to face, right?

I had one of those this week and after a lot of, actual necessary, procrastination I finally drove to a company that I worked for earlier this year. To take care of the last bit of information.

Even though I am grateful to that company for the way we finished everything up, it was the second company in Berlin where I didn’t feel at home. I didn’t even feel comfortable over there. I just couldn’t get grounded, and it got so bad that even my body reacted to it. I got sick and while I was at home, I realized that I needed to quit. You can imagine how good I felt about myself.

Anyway, I was only in there for 5 minutes and it felt like I lost 5 kilo’s when stepping out of the building. I drove back home with a huge smile of relief on my face and suddenly I saw this sticker.

It just confirmed this feeling of facing your dragons and how good it actually feels to finally do it.