PICTURE THIS #4 – Things will happen while they can!

This has been one of my favorite lyrics ever since I discovered this song again.

Things will happen while they can.

alphaville (—-)

It’s not a completely perfect quote to live by, but I’m not perfect either so that makes it match perfectly.

If we find ourselves in a situation that doesn’t go the way we pictured it in our heads and hearts, we often tend to get completely caught up in the WHY it didn’t go like we wanted it to go.

Subconsciously, we just close ourselves off thinking about all kinds of scenarios why that situation didn’t work with us, why we didn’t get what we wanted? Next thing we know, we can only see the negative perspective, because “it didn’t work out”.

What we do know, but don’t see and/or feel is that when one window closes, another one opens. Yes it’s damn cliche, but it’s true. I notice it at least once a week in my own life – but only in a certain mindset. I have to put myself out there and be open.

Otherwise, I can’t see it either.

PICTURE THIS #4 - Things will happen while they can!
Skalitzer Strasse, Berlin – oktober 2017

If one situation isn’t how it is supposed to be (either in real life or in our heads), there will be another chance to take. That one will always turn out to be for the better, if we take it. Funny and actually quite sad thing about this is that we often get so caught up in the WHY things didn’t work out the way we wanted. We are analyzing what the hell went wrong and why we were so stupid that we didn’t get the best out of that situation.

We blame ourselves and in that process, there is no room to think or see any other possibilities.

Instead of thinking and feeling: OK this went to rye, but it is supposed to be like that, another thing will come by, we – myself included – tend to dwell on the negative part. Often because it feels so comfortable. I mean, if you close the door on your situation, you need to find a replacement to think about and that’s going to be a hassle again, so we stay in the old situation.

If and when you are finding yourself in such a state, take a deep breath, be open and think about it:


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