PICTURE THIS #2 – Change your heart

Today, Germany had a day off and since I woke up quite early, I spent my morning walking my dog, cleaning and listening to Tony Robbins.

Change your heart, look around you..

The Korgis (1980)

I have been listening to his talks for a couple of months now. He is known for his motivational, positive mindset talks and I’m glad that he has become a part of my weekly YouTube-routine.

Especially because what he tells us makes such a shitload of sense, but somehow – I couldn’t manage to come up with it myself.

Robbins is all about getting the best out of yourself and making the most of your life. Change your perspective, change your own world! That might sound a bit hallelujah-ish and I was also skeptic in the beginning, but it makes sense.

I have a choice every single moment of my day. I can’t control everything that happens, but I am behind the steering wheel of my feelings and emotions. I do have a lot of those and I can be Mrs Over-analyse. In the end, over analyzing is just poisoning my mind and wrecking my day, but it took me some soul searching and diving into self development to see that.

PICTURE THIS #2 Love actually IS all around
Karl Marx Allee, Berlin 2017

I am so glad I did.

2017 seems to be my year of self development and I think everybody has that time in his or her life. Eventually, it is extremely important to get to know yourself in this fast paced life. Things do not always go the way that we plan them. We need to change course once in a while, notice what doesn’t work and instead of pushing a brick wall, let go and seize other opportunities. HA, if you told me half a year ago that I would write these things now, I would have laughed at you. 

Letting go is so hard. I could also say: it’s just as hard as we make it out to be. No, letting go of something that felt comfortable for so long, is freaking hard and messes you up. But, and don’t think that I don’t ever get lost in anything anymore, it’s such a waste of energy and your own happiness if you keep contemplating what went wrong in a situation.

So, when the road gets rocky and you feel that things aren’t working. Stop resisting and: verändere deine perspektive!

Everybody’s got to learn sometime.

The Korgis (1980)

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